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Thou and Ye

The Little Mole

A Dog Who Can Vote

You Can Pick a Soccer Team

Krisztina Fodor

A Flying Car?

The Energetic Entrepreneur

Icelandic Vodka

The Original Spam

How Much Longer Will There Be Newspapers?

Reality Show Poll

Four Kornerz: Gonna Make It Ft. Jahaziel

Whatever Happened to the ‘Clinton Aveanue five’?

The Iron Curtain May Become Protected Land

The World’s Top Chefs Are in Tokyo

Venice: The City Without Cars

More Europeans Enjoy Open Borders

An Alternative to Cola

Bush’s Language Mistakes

English Will Be Bigger

Seven New Wonders

The Young Writer

The 10 Commandments of Driving

The Castle of Zvolen

Halong Bay

Madartej (Floating Islands)

The Dangers of Smoking

Zakopane, Poland

How to Learn English

Purple Grape Juice Is Very Healthy

Tumeric and Milk

The United States Remembers Its Soldiers

Moscow Still Costs the Most Money

Ancient Chinese Writing

The Diary Of A Young Girl

A Blind Pilot Has Landed in Australia

Michael Schumacher Tries to Make the Roads Safer

DNA Evidence Proved a Man Is Innocent

Angkor Wat

Was Cleopatra Beautiful?

The Czech President Does Not Believe in Global Warming

The Eiffel Tower Goes Dark For Five Mintues

The Ballpoint Pen

February 2 Is Groundhog Day

An Arab Man Will Receive A Jewish Honor

Immigrants’ Son Is the Governor of Louisiana

The Green Jacket

More British Than the British

A Recipe for Draniki: Potato Pancakes from Belarus

A Slovenian Man Has Swum Across the Amazon

Some Fish Also Hibernate

James Hunter: The Hard Way

An Audio Interview with Musician James Hunter

A Robot Girlfriend

The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships

The Kosice Coat of Arms

Ha, Ha, Ha! Laughter Can Make You Thinner

Poland’s Racing Champion

Mad About English

Skydiving at 85

Canadians Are Learning a New Word

Pula, Croatia

The Ice Hotel

Niyoki: Joy

Weddings in Space

The Healing Power of Honey

Global Warming Has Created an Island

The Whiskey Robber

Dinner in the Sky


Faster Ice Skates

The Comedian Who Became a Senator

Poll: Learning English

Mandula, the Miraculous Cat

The Clock Tower of Banska Bystrica

Oxford Lists the Most Irritating English Phrases

Children Exercise Less as They Get Older

Brazilian Banana Pie

Garlic, the Wonder Drug

The Longest English Word

Atlantis, the Palm

Older People on Facebook

Sean Faris in ‘Never Back Down’

Don’t Throw Eggs in Hungary

Katzie the Cat

Gyula’s Winter Carnival

A Canadian Invented Basketball

The Foreign Newspaper Reporter Is a Thing of the Past

Drink Green Tea for Your Health

The Lame Duck President

The Velvet Revolution

Friday the 13th

Samarkand Is 2,750

The Running of the Bulls

July 4 Is the USA’s National Holiday

Canadians Celebrate Their National Holiday

Prince Harry Used a Racist Word

May 5 Is Cinco de Mayo

Remembering Jackie Robinson

The Word ‘Curtain’ Will Be Taken Out of the Dictionary

Martin Luther King Day

Betting on Obama’s Words

Europe Freezes

The 200th Anniversary of Louis Braille’s Birth