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Saxophone Origins

1,683 Guitarists Played The Same Song

Super Mario Is More Popular Than the Canadian PM

Airfares May Become Cheaper

Some People Think Google Is Showing Too Much

Bhutan Will Have Its First Election on Monday

A Plan to Make Formula One More Exciting

Buffett Is the Richest

Boston Police Mistake Advertisers for Terrorists

The Grand Canyon Skywalk Has Opened

Snow in Buenos Aires

Australians Have Voted For Change

Fewer People Have AIDS, The UN Says

Black Friday

Recipe: Orange Carrots


A Murder Has Shocked The Game Of Cricket

Memory Loss May Be Reversible

Dieting for Peace

Recipe: Sicilian Baked Spaghetti

Water off a Duck’s Back

‘The Mad Hungarian’ Visits Hungary

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

October 31 Is Halloween

Everybody Wants Junichi Tazawa

Estonians Voted Online

Swamp Soccer

The Number of Bloggers Is Expanding

A Figure-Skating Film Is A Success In The U.S.

A Nest-Building Stork Cut Off a Town’s Power

No Rice at Venice Weddings

The Tour de France in London

A Czech Village Has Voted Against A US Radar Base

EBay Won’t Sell Belgium

Jahaziel: In My Neighbourhood

There Is Very Little Good News In Iraq

Ancient Rome Has Been Rebuilt Digitally

An Actor’s Ashes Have Been Sent Into Space

A Player Was Fired For Swearing

Recipes: Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

Could He Be The Next Michael Jordan?

Hearst’s $165 Million Home Is On Sale

Laura Doyle: Your Love

A Meal for the Very Wealthy

Recipes: Gazpacho (Cold Tomato Soup)

Tycoon Offers Large Reward To Stop Global Warming

Layered Potatoes (Rakott Krumpli)

Echinacea May Be Good For Colds

London Cabs in China

Smoking Could Kill 1 Billion People This Century

Pitt and Jolie Have Obtained an Island

A Rooster Crows Too Early

Whoops! We Invited the Wrong Peter Forgacs!

John Backus Created A New Programming Language

Standing Up Is Important

The Spanish Island of Ibiza

The Health Benefits of Turmeric

A Movie About Schumi

Take Honey for Your Cough

A Beauty Contest for Camels


Fighting Crime with Music

A Store Worker Found $10, And Won $1 Million

Night Racing in Singapore

Kelly King: I Don’t Wanna Sing That Song

Help Your Heart, Brush Your Teeth

A Japanese Millionaire Lends Mansions To The Homeless

The New York Times Has Corrected a Mistake 48 Years Later

Hugh’s Profit Is Huge

Tutankhamun Died While Hunting

Paul McCartney: Ever Present Past

Recipes: Fried Cakes (Tortas Fritas) from Uruguay

The Blogging Granny

A Lottery Winner Is Back At Work

The Virtuoso Janitor

A Village Has Been Found Near Stonehenge

Recipes: Ukrainian Caesar Salad

Two Children Wanted to Get Married in Africa

The World’s Fastest Train

Men Can Be As Talkative As Women


Ban Text Messages While Driving, Americans Say

The End of the Mouse

Jurors Played Sudoku During a Trial

Colds and Flu

The Perfect Phone Call

Weddings in Space

Cats Travel 4,000 Kilometers By Taxi

The First Woman in Space

Watch Less TV and Lose Weight

Savonlinna, Finland

A Woman Paid For Her Neighbor’s Water

The Smell of Fear

No Newspapers in 10 Years

Women Golfers Must Speak English

Obama Promises to Quit Smoking

Timberlake’s New Job

Estonia Is a European Tech Leader

Nike’s Founder Goes Back to School

The Growing Popularity of Japanese Food

The Big Apple

Living to 100

Playing Music Can Make You Smarter

Unusual Baby Names Are Popular in Canada

May Day

Are We Alone?

Luciano Pavarotti Has Died

The First Mobile Call

Karlovy Vary

English in a Month

Glaciers Are Melting

Stallone Will Appear in a Bollywood Film

The $1.3 Million Website

Space Station Repair Work Is Successful

Unusual Place Names

Monks Sell Bread and Cakes Online

Recipes: Bryndzove halusky (Bryndza dumplings)

Americans Are Using Their Cars Less

Simple English News Will Buy CNN

Helsinki’s Cathedrals

What Color Are Your Dreams?

March 17 Is St. Patrick’s Day

No Mobiles in Graz

A Teenage Millionaire Works from Home

An East German Hotel

The World’s Oldest Tree

Day Sixteen

Day Thirteen

Day Nine

A 60-Storey Home