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A New Way to Make Videos

Think of the Less Fortunate This Holiday Season

When Will We Retire?

3D Printers

The Attraction of West German Pottery

Stopping in Greenland

Northerners Escape to Warmer Climates

Saint Nicholas Day

Cyber Monday

10 Kilograms of Gold

Expensive Paper

Buy Local Goods This Christmas

Stopping Boredom

American Presidential Campaigns Are Too Long

Bob Marley Stirs It Up for English Learners

Christmas Is Already Here


All Aboard the English Train!

Book Recommendation: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Going Vegetarian

Carlo Flies Home

A Guinness Record for Running a Marathon in a Suit

Former England Football Captain Joins Kaplan International Colleges Team

Canadian English

Starting a Conversation

Can You Write a Book in a Month?

67 Years Later, He Is Still Doing What He Loves

The Things We Collect

Do You Love Adventure?

Foods We Miss When We Are Away from Home

What Does Work Mean?

Skype Has Changed the Way We Communicate

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet

Beat the Clock; Learn English for Less Money

The Orient-Express

Travelling Inexpensively

The Excitement and Danger of Deep-Sea Diving

Cindy the Dog Shows Us How to Play Soccer

A Contest to Give a Local Sports Team a Name

Do You Remember the Vuvuzela?

Book Recommendation: Eat, Pray, Love

Save Money While Studying English in New York

The Saddest Time of the Year

Hungarian Music in Brazil?


The Olympics: Next Stop: Brazil

The Olympics: The First Olympics with Mobile Apps

The Olympics: London in Summer

An Internet Star Is Studying English in New York

The Olympics: 2.7 Million Bananas

Connecting Northern Canada to the World

The Olympics: Sports You Won’t See in the Olympics

The Olympics: The London 2012 Paralympics

The Olympics: The London Olympics Have Started

What Is a Local Currency?

Spaying and Neutering Your Pets

Pop In to a Pop-Up School in Central London

Fawlty Towers Baku

Would You Like More Garlic with Your Garlic?

Saving 3054 Languages

Follow a World Record Attempt, Support Charity and Win a Free English Course in Manchester, England

Global Warming Is Here

America’s Coffee Revolution

Do Animals Have Rights Too?

Is There Intelligent Life Outside of Earth?

Healthy Tips for Very Hot Weather

Do You Want to Feel Better? Smile!

Learn English in London and Live in Luxury Without Spending a Lot of Money

A Perfect Recipe for Summer

The Air Guitar World Championships

Some Like It Salty; Others Like It Sweet

Losing a Friend

An English App for Children

Second Chances

From Chess Master to International Bookseller

33 Weeks, 33 Countries, 33 Jobs

The Getting to Know Our Neighbors Project

A Movie About the Problem of Bullying

Director Morgan Spurlock Speaks to Simple English News

World Autism Awareness Day

Leave Your Car at Home

Cities of the Future

Save the Seals

From Children’s Game to Film

The Vegetarian Butcher

Publishing a Book Has Never Been Easier

The Vancouver Real Estate Market Is Still Crazy

Inflation and Deflation

English Clichés

Snowdrops Are Here; Spring Is Coming

Many Businesses Are Still Not Online

Jennifer Aniston’s New Film Opens Today

Fear of Dentists

Singapore Ranks Number 1 in Perception Index

Are We Losing Our Memories?

Can English Help You Make More Money?

Do Something Nice for Someone Else Today

Why Are We Seeing So Many QR Codes?

Take a Trip to Chernobyl

A Swim Through Icy Waters

Walgreens Offers a Special Discount for Its Prescription Savings Club

The Reason So Many People Watch the Super Bowl

The Duper Bowl

Your Pet Could Be Famous

Cruise Ships Are Offering Great Deals to Attract Customers

Flying People in New York City

A Golf Tournament in North Korea

Bridal Show Season Is Here


The New Yorker

Online Donations Save a Dog’s Life

A Bookstore Is Giving Away $1 Million in Gifts to Libraries

Will the Internet Be Dark on January 18?

A Hotel Throws Money At Its Guests

A Contest to Find the Worst Office

Vandals Remove an Umbrella from a Statue

The Worst Inflation in History

A Hockey Fan Gets Too Close to the Game

What Will Happen in 2012?