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The Kiss That Changed the World

People Love Their Pets More Than Other Humans

Museum of Ice Cream

From Rags to Riches

Nike Paid Only $35 for Its Logo

Heartwarming Gesture of Humanity

Energy From Your Steps

Weird Laws Still In Effect or Don’t Ask Women to Dance

Coats That Can Be Converted Into Sleeping Bags

Kayla Montgomery – an Extraordinary Athlete

The World’s Smallest Opera House

A Bank Robber Who Helped People


Will Baldness Disappear?

Sugar based battery

What to Do in New York

The $1,000 Pizza

North Pole, Alaska

Lacross, a Sport Created by native Americans

The English Teacher (the Movie)

A Website for Inventors

American Presidential Campaigns Are Too Long

America’s Coffee Revolution

From Chess Master to International Bookseller

A Movie About the Problem of Bullying

Jenifer Aniston’s new Film Opens Today

The Reason So Many People Watch the Super Bowl

The Duper Bowl

Flying People in New York City

The News Yorker

Tesla Motors

Wines from the Walla Walla Valley

America’s Toughest Jobs

The Shop Where It Is Christmas All Year

A Company Is Still Making Barcodes By Hand

1,683 Guitarists Played the Same Song

Black Friday

An Actor’s Ashes Have Been Sent Into Space

Could He Be the Next Michael Jordan?

John Backus Created a new Programming Language

Fighting Crime with Music

A Store Worker Found $ 10, And Won $ 1 Million

The New York Time Has Corrected a Mistake 48 Years Later

Ban Text Messages While Driving, Americans Say

Cats Travel 4,000 Kilometers By Taxi

Obama Promises to Quit Smoking

Timberlake’s New Job

Nike’s Founder Goes Back to School

The Big Apple

The First mobile Call

Space Station Repair Work Is Successful

Monks Sell Bread and Cakes Online

Americans Are Using Their Cars Less

A Dog Who Can Vote

A Flying Car?

Whatever Happened to ‘The Clinton Avenue Five’?

The United States Remembers Its Soldiers

DNA Evidence Proved a Man Is Innocent

February 2 Is Groundhog Day

Immigrants’ Son Is the Governor of Lousiana

The Green Jacket

Skydiving at 85

The Comedian Who Became a Senator

Children Exercise Less as They Get Older

The Lame Duck President

July 4th Is the USA’s National Holiday

Remembering Jackie Robinson

Martin Luther King Day

The Newseum

The 2008 Academy Awards

The Yankees Are Moving

Al Gore Returned to the White House

Will This Be Hillary’s Last Chance?

Hillary’s Surprising Victory

The U.S. Returned Saint Stephen’s Crown in 1978

Boston Police Mistake Advertisers for Terrorists

Norman Mailer: A Great American Writer

Brad Pitt Helps Rebuild New Orleans

Captain America Is Dead

Bush Made a Mistake During the Queen’s Visit

Gas Prices Are Rising, Americans Are Still Driving

There Will Be Big Festivals Tonight

Rudolph Giuliani Wants to Be a President in 2008

The Grand Canyon Skywalk Has Opened