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Slovenia Is the EU President

Europe Has Opened More of Its Borders

The Queen Is the Oldest Monarch

Putin Is the ‘Person of The Year’

Norman Mailer: A Great American Writer

The Paparazzi Make News

Star Wars Is Coming to TV

A Large Cat Show in New York

Jude Law Will Play Hamlet

A Wild Night at the MTV Awards

The Shakespeare Debate Lives On

Unexpected Guests at the APEC Summit

Brad Pitt Helps Rebuild New Orleans

Elvis Week in Memphis

Lions for Lamb

Beyoncé Tripped During a Concert

The New Harry Potter Book Is Leaked Online

New Questions About Morrison’s Death

Madonna and the Guitar

Lennon And McCartney Met 50 Years Ago

Live Earth on Saturday

The Concert for Diana

Michael Moore’s Film Is Already on the Internet

What Should Britney Spears Call Her Next Album?

Matthew McConaughey Is ‘The Bachelor of the Year’

Ocean’s Thirteen

Music Is Getting Louder

Sgt. Pepper Is 40

30 Years of Star Wars

Riyo Mori Is Miss Universe

The Steroid Story Gets Bigger

Baseball’s Drug Scandal

Golfing at Sea

Zach Johnson Has Won the Green Jacket

England’s Manager Has a Tough Job

Yi Might Play in the NBA

The Underwater Ice Hockey Championships

Zidane Plays in Thailand

The Trabant Is Back

Amazon Introduces an E-Book Reader

The European Blue Card

A New Bank for South America

Captain America Is Dead

Blair Made Video Messages For Sarkozy

Boris Yeltsin

The Thai Prime Minister Hopes Feng Shui Will Help Him

The Sacher Torte Has Turned 175

Three Men Have Run Across the Sahara Desert

Knut Celebrates His First Birthday

PetroChina Is the World’s Largest Company

The Queen Celebrates Her Diamond Anniversary

No Passport Required

A Sports Feast

Sarkozy Finished an Interview Early

A Comedian Is Running for President

China’s Tallest Building

Will Gore Win a Nobel?

No Championship This Year for the Yankees

The Debate Over the New Zealand Flag

Bush Is the Worst, An American Businessman Says

Is Iran Next?

Canadians Are Going South to Shop

China’s No Car Day

The Iraq War Is About Oil, Greenspan Writes

A Debate in Spanish

OPEC or APEC? Where Am I?

Actors and Politicians

Problems in the American Housing Market

Big Ben Is Silent

Lego Is 75

Central Europe’s Deadly Heat Wave

Harrington Has Won the Open

Manchester United Is Touring Asia

The Phillies Lost for the 10,000th Time

Brazil Is Victorious

Suzuki’s Great Night

The Dollar Is Getting Weaker

The Heat Wave Continues in the United States

The Nikkei Climbed 121 Points on Monday

Carlos Slim Is the Wealthiest Person

Hong Kong – 10 Years Later

Schwarzenegger Visits His Hometown

American Football Is Coming to England

The Wall Street Journal May Have a Buyer

A Filly Has Won the Belmont Stakes

Bush Made a Mistake During the Queen’s Visit

Jolie’s Film Is The Big News From Cannes

Steroids and Sports

Gas Prices Are Rising; Americans Are Still Driving

Critics Hate ’300′; Filmgoers Love It

The Billionaires List Is Growing

Stock Markets Decline

Sunday Was Hollywood’s Big Night

There Will Be Big Festivals Tonight

Rudolph Giuliani Wants To Be President In 2008

The 2007 Oscar Nominees Are Out