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5 Great Apps for Learning English


Learning a language used to be all about textbooks and blackboards. Then, during the 80s and 90s, a range of audio and video language resources became available, and they helped make language learning more interesting for many people. However, they still lacked easy access and interactive learning. Today, thing have moved on and there are all sorts of applications available online to help students learn languages on the go on their smartphones and tablets. Whether they are taking courses at ESL schools or learning alone, apps can really add value and help students learn faster. These are some of the best English language learning apps around:

1) Sounds: The Pronunciation App

Made by Macmillan Education, this app aims to help students learn how to pronounce words and sounds. Both British and American English pronunciations are loaded on to the programme. Listening, writing and reading can all be practised through a series of special exercises. There are also resources for teachers to use the app in their lessons.

2) Byki

This is a general and extensive language learning app for 74 different languages, so it’s just as useful for those on a French language course as an English course. Rather than using grammar structures as a starting point, which can be confusing and off-putting, it begins with vocabulary. Its approach is based on research into the way we learn languages, which shows that we learn best by absorbing phrases.

3) SnaPanda

This is a simple but really useful app. It allows English learners to capture any word in a document or page that they are reading, and then get an instant translation of it. It’s great for use as an alternative dictionary, or to help learners check definitions on the move, when they need instant answers.

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4) Vocopedia

This is a very useful vocabulary building app. It has flashcard games and hangman built in, which are both fun ways for English language learners to improve their vocabulary base while having fun, either alone or with friends. It also has a word browser, loaded up with nearly 4000 words.

5) English Grammar in Use

An app aimed at helping intermediate level students work on their grammar knowledge. It includes lots of questions and activities for students to work through, divided into 16 different topics. All of them are available as both on-screen text and as audio files.