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A Man With a Big Heart – Christiano Ronaldo


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The famous Portuguese football megastar has donated 7 million Euros to help Nepal in an emergency relief operation.

This relatively poor Himalayan country was struck by a devastating earthquake last month.

The epicentre was located at the village of Barpak, in the district of Gorkha. Seismologists measured it as a magnitude 7.8 earthquake.

Christiano Ronaldo also asks all his footie followers to make an individual donation to help relieve the suffering of the Nepalese people.


relief: help  (things such as food, money, medicine) for people who are victims of a catastrophe, war, flood, etc..
relief in other languages

seismologist: a person (expert) who studies earthquakes.

footie: (slang) football, soccer.

Read by John Edwin Skelton.

Do you have sportsmen and sportswomen in your country who are similarly generous people  contributing to those in need or supporting beneficial public projects?

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