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A Rooster Crows Too Early


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An Italian man has been fined $300 because his rooster was waking people up too early.

According to a report on Reuters, residents of an Italian village complained about the noise.

The owner of the rooster, however, hopes that he can convince officials in the town that he should not have to pay the fine.

He said he needs at least one rooster to breed chickens.


  1. Come to any Slovakia rural place. And enjoy early waking up by local roosters which are ready to wake you up as early as 4 a.m.. No need for alarm clocks.

  2. Dear Townspeople,

    Anyway I want to thank you all opinions or suggestions. I comprehend you all shouldn’t possess the bothers from my roosters. I know also you really want to help me to solve my matters. I’m still feeling anxious and overwhelmed to settle the burdened conflict.

    But it’s not very bad. I have your some suggestions now and I’ll make thorough, further and earnest consideration. I hope the final decision that takes into account both advantage, we are all annimous.


    Jia Hui

  3. Years ago a very bad landlord named Zhou Bapi managed to make his rooster crow much earlier than usual in order to get his peasants to begin working for him.This something made the peasants very angry and finally GAVE HIM A GOOD LESSON.If that cruel landlord got this Italian rooster,what would happen?