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Age Is No Barrier; She’s 89 and Writing Again


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Gloria M. Allan

Gloria M. Allan, 89, has always loved writing.

Her career started as a cub reporter in Toronto in the 1940s. However, a writer’s life, as today, was a precarious one, so she abandoned uncertainty for a more lucrative, secure career in accountancy.

Years later, while browsing in an antiquarian bookstore in London, Gloria discovered a dusty, long-out-of-print book on Elisabeth of Austria.

This lucky find instantly inspired Gloria to write A Walk on Broken Glass, a work of historical fiction.

The book's cover
The book’s cover

The story of Elisabeth, popularly known as Sisi, draws parallels to that of Lady Diana a century later. Like Diana, she too was a troubled woman, a free spirit in a constrictive, manipulative, all-powerful hierarchical family dynasty.

The book takes a reader along Elisabeth’s entire life: the early years in Munich, marriage at a young impressionable age to Emperor Franz Joseph, her constant feuding with her mother-in-law and pompous Habsburg society, too much flattering admiration received from many infatuated men, with finally, an ultimate tragic end to her life in Geneva.

Sisi was ahead of her time. A Walk on Broken Glass draws in the reader, chapter by chapter, to appreciate her indomitable strength of character, enabling Sisi to find her ‘just’ place in history.

cub reporter: a  young or inexperienced reporter employed by a newspaper.

accountancy: keeping and inspecting financial records of businesses, institutions  or individuals.
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