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Americans Are Using Their Cars Less


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Americans are used to driving. They drive to work, to school and to family events.

However, the rising cost of gasoline has caused many Americans to reconsider their dependence on the automobile.

With gasoline at $4 a galloon, many people are leaving their cars at home and taking the bus or riding their bicycles instead.

Some Americans are planning to travel by train instead of driving on their summer holidays this year.

Those who continue to drive are looking for cars that burn less gasoline.


to reconsider: to consider again, to think about again.
dependence: needing something, relying on something.


  1. Oh I didn’t know that Americans are so good of saving their money filling patrol at the patrol station.

  2. Riding bicycle is not only very effective for us to save money but also very good to give ourselves a clearer envirnment.Actually walking to work is also beneficial for your health.

  3. I wonder that news, Cost of $4 for a galioon is much cheeper than japan. In japan, about $7 for each galloon,but they continu use car with