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An English App for Children


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Picaro Play
Young children not only can learn English in England, but on iPads and iPhones as well.

“Picaro Play”, a free interactive storybook created by Picaro and Kaplan International Colleges, teaches children aged 3 and above common English words and helps them improve their spelling.

The app involves a rhyming story with the main characters, Kim and Peter Picaroon, who go out to play in the rain, learning about weather, clothing and colours.

There are also spelling and word games in which children must drag and drop letters from the Picaroons’ names and play in puddles as they spell out new words.

Picaro Play is ideal for both children learning English as a second language and for young children beginning to read and spell as it helps them recognise new words and letters on each page.


puddle: a small pool of liquid, especially water (after it rains).