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An Interview with Charlie Boswell from AMD


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Sam Margolis: This is Sam Margolis from Simple English News. Today I am speaking with Charlie Boswell, the director of media and entertainment for Advanced Micro Devices, one of the largest producers of microprocessors in the world. Mr Boswell often works with very creative people, such as film director George Lucas. He has a theory called “Global Nerding & the Autistic Planet”, which describes the connection and the problems in the connection between technology and creativity. Thank you for joining us today Mr Boswell. Can you explain some of your theory to us?

Charlie Boswell of AMD

Charlie Boswell: I believe that the top creative minds and regular people all over the world actually have something very much in common. And let me see if I can explain that.

A creative person, when he embraces high technology, really wants to sort of realize a vision that’s in his mind. He doesn’t want to become a technologist so much as he wants to really use the technology to help him produce his vision.

And I think that regular people all over the world maybe that have never embraced technology or maybe have possibly been excluded by technology really just want to use computers pretty much in the same way. They have — whether they’re a small business owner or whether they’re a student or whatever — they want to be able to use the technology to realize their thing without becoming a technologist.

And in the middle of both of those camps, I think there is a group of people that we like to call the nerds that just like to play with technology.


embrace: to accept willingly, to take gladly (Random House Unabridged Dictionary).
to exclude: to prevent from entering.
nerd: (Slang) a person who is good at technology but not very good in communicating with other people.