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An Audio Interview with Musician James Hunter


James Hunter’s new album is called The Hard Way. He spoke with Simple English News recently.

Listen here

James Hunter: Yes, I drifted into it. Basically there wasn’t a huge plan going on, I just sort of fell into it. I was playing with some local musicians in Colchester — where I come from — and I got in contact with some musicians in London and then started a band with them. So I ended up moving to London, and we used to play on the streets. They call it busking. And gradually we got invited to play indoors at various places. And it kind of started to take off from there.

Simple English News: Who were your musical influences?

James Hunter: Well, at first it was Ray Charles. I think listening to him got me into the realm of music I do. Also, there was a vocal group called the “5” Royales. They were a vocal group and they went from doing gospel stuff to rhythm and blues.They are sort of generally credited with having invented soul music.

Simple English News: And what’s next in your career? I understand you’re going to be touring shortly.

James Hunter: That’s right. Yes, we’ve got a fairly extensive tour of both sides of the country over in the States.

Simple English News: Thanks a lot again for doing this interview.

James Hunter: Thank you very much.


to busk: to perform outdoors.
influence: (in art) a person or style that has a powerful effect on the work you do.
realm: an artistic domain.