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Bicycles Made out of Bamboo


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Bernice Dapaah is a young businesswoman from Ghana who has founded a company producing bamboo bikes.

Bamboo is transformed into bike frames.

Since cutting bamboo plants is also an enviromental issue, the company plants ten more for every plant they cut down.

Her company makes a profound local impact by providing new job opporunities including those for the disabled and reducing carbon emissions by using eco-friendly means of transport.

to plant: to put a living organism in the ground so that it can grow.

plant: a living organism that grows in the earth.
plant in other languages

Test: Future Tense

Easy Grammar

Make from vs Make (out) of

Make from” is used when the original material has undergone a significant change during production.
Paper is made from wood.
Wine is made from grapes.

Make of” is used when the original material out of which the product is created has not undergone a significant change.
Bottles are made of glass.
The cottage is made of wood.


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