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The Biggest Ice And Snow Festival In The World


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Photo by Healthycliff Syndor on Unsplash
Photo by Healthycliff Syndor on Unsplash

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has been held in China since 1963.

The festival includes many interesting activities, such as ice and snow carnivals, international ice sculpture competitions, ice lantern shows, ice-sailing, sledging, ice football, speed skating, cross-field skiing and wedding ceremonies on ice.

The festival begins on January 5 and lasts one month.

lantern: a lamp with a transparent case.
lantern in other languages


1. Many North Americans have recently discovered ___ people in Asian countries have known for a long time: drinking green tea is healthy.

2. Last week The Boston Globe newspaper said it will close all of  ___ foreign bureaus.

3. However, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian, is ___  inventing the sport in 1891.

4. The Hungarian town of Gyula, for example, ___ its Renaissance Carnival every February.

5. We found Katzie ___ our doorstep on a rainy November morning.