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Book Reading: A Walk on Broken Glass – Part 1


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Part 1
Hope and Betrayal -1853–1860 Elisabeth, Bavaria, 1853

Sisi reading a book.
Sisi reading a book.

It was a bright spring morning. Birds chirped among the forest
trees and sailed across the skies in rhythmic swoops, as if phantom
musicians churned the air.

Elisabeth dashed along the mountain trail, her spirits soaring. Her world was changing.

She felt more like seventeen than fifteen since Count Richard had come into her life.

She jumped over rocks and sidestepped protruding roots,
trying to keep up with her father, Max, trudging ahead on the
trail leading to Kramer Ridge, high in the Bavarian Alps.

It was the most challenging climb they had done. The sun was warm,
the breeze soft. Her heart sang.

Read by John Edwin Skelton.

A Walk on Broken Glass