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Bryndza – ‘White Gold’?


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Bryndza, a smooth very creamy cheese, is made from fresh sheep milk.

It has a very characteristic zingy taste and unique odour.

Many people recognise that Bryndza may have remedial effects, even to help prevent cancer, as it contains pre-biotic substances which improve the intestines digestion.

Calculations show that one gramme of Bryndza has almost one billion bio friendly microorganisms from 20 different species.

Slovakia is currently the largest producer of Bryndza in Europe.

The Romanian Vlachs, a Latin tribal group, are thought to have introduced Bryndza to this region in the 14th century.


zingy: pleasantly sharp taste, piquant.

species: (in biology) living organisms which have the same characteristics or qualities.
species in other languages

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Read by John Edwin Skelton.

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