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Complaints Put to Music


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Groups of people around the world are reacting in an unusual way when something bothers them.

They sing. These gorups are called Complaints Choirs. A Complaints Choir sings songs in which each line is a complaint.

The complaints are different in each country.

For example, one song by the Canadian Complaints Choir has the following lyrics: ‘I hate car alarms that will not quit’; the other line moves faster”; ‘and why are my feet so cold?’. The first Complaints Choir was formed in Helsinky, Finland.

Now there are Complaints Choirs in the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, the United States, Hungary and Germany.


to bother: to disturb, to cause trouble.
to bother in other languages

complaint: a statement that you are not satisfied with something.
complaint in other languages

What do you do when you are angry or unhappy about something?