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Cycling’s New ‘Superstar’


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Arguably the best cyclist in the world this year is Peter Sagan, a 23-year-old Slovakian.

Peter won the green jersey, widely thought of as ”the sprinters’ competition”, in the Tour de France for the first time in 2012 and again in 2013, dyeing his beard green and wearing a green wig to underline the victory. He also leads international cyclists in the number of wins this season with 22.

Peter started out his sports career as a footballer, but quit after just a few days training. Pondering which sport was his first love, he decided to ride full-time in competitive sport cycling.

He drew significant media attention in his home country after winning a Slovak Cup race on a supermarket bike, with poor brakes and gears, which he had borrowed from his sister.

Peter is loved by his fans for his poise and the unique gestures he uses when sprinting to the finish line in first place.


Read by John Edwin Skelton.


to dye: to color (colour BrE) something.
to dye in other languages

wig: an artificial covering of hair worn on the head.
wig in other languages

to ponder: to think deeply about something.
to ponder in other languages