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Don’t Throw Eggs in Hungary


Listen here

You might want to think twice about throwing an egg at Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (or anyone else) in Hungary these days.

The Hungarian Justice Ministry has announced that anyone who tosses an egg at another individual in a public place could go to prison for two years, according to a report on Hungarian news agency MTI.

Last May, a man lobbed eggs at Steve Ballmer just after the Microsoft boss had commenced a lecture at Budapest’s Corvinus University. (Watch the video below).


to think twice: to think again, reconsider.
to toss: to throw.
individual: person.
to lob: to throw slowly.
to commence: to start.


  1. Throwing eggs to anyone is actually not polite,but to face different object,such as the nasty American President or its governmental officials,it is considerable reasonable,because they’re always doing evil.To throw eggs to the ghosty ones is fair and correct.