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Fewer People Have AIDS, The UN Says


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The United Nations has reduced its estimate of the number of people in the world who have AIDS.

The number was cut from 40 million to 33 million.

A review of statistics in India was the main reason the number was changed.

Source: The United Nations


  1. It sounds good.Actually,such disease could be much more reduced if people pay more attenion to the security of making love.Love your partner,love yourself.

  2. HIV AIDS has taken away innumerable innocent lives for many years. Now we can only depend on scientists to invent effective medicines in order to make AIDS become a curable disease, otherwise most people due to scare of being infected with it and could only have one sexual partner, that means we can’t enjoy the pleasure of making love with different partner. What a pity!

  3. Chen, i completely agree with you. I think everyone should use condom and pay atention in basic recommendations all of us can enjoy the pleasure of making love. Moreover, making sex is good for our skin, our motivation, our life. People canno´t stop making love just because they are affraid to get a illness