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The Five Fashion Items Women Wear and Men Hate Them


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Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash
Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

Sometimes women and men have different opinions about the latest fashion trends.

A nice woman body can be ruined by a billowy blouse.

Harem pants won’t suit the young, the old or the in-between.

Clogs can make legs look thick, ripped jeans have already had a moment and the look of giant shouldered clothing style does not have many male fans.

Anyway, you are beautiful regardless of what you are wearing.

in-between: situated between two categories.
in-between in other languages


1. It is not easy for drinks manufacturers to ___  against two cola giants: Pepsi and Coke.

2. "We live in ___ Internet world,“ he said.

3. Eurovision, which is one the most popular live television shows in the world, has been held every year ___ 1956.

4. The research was ___ by the University of Michigan, which studied the contentedness of people in 97 countries.

5. Can you tell us how you ___ in music?