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Grammar: There + Be + Noun



There are problems.

There were other solutions, too.

There is high unemployment there.

There will not be any benefits this year.

Are there any books on the table?

There must be several other books on the table.                       

The word “there” in this expression supplements a subject at the beginning of a sentence. (A sentence in English cannot start with a verb.)


  1. Hi Rhonna,

    Good point.
    The examples you have mentioned are the imperative. And in this case it starts with a verb.
    Unlike many other languages, however, you cannot start a sentence in the following way: Works very hard. Wrote the letter yesterday.
    You could start a sentence in English with a verb but then the verb must be in its infinitive form: To write a good English text for students is a difficult job.

  2. Well if you had manners it would be “may you open the door” “please go now” “you may speak to me”

  3. Sentences such as
    “Go there!”
    “Run away!”
    “Speak to me.”
    all have an understood subject – you – that we just leave off. The sentences should actually read
    “You go there!”
    “You run away!”
    “You speak to me.”
    Hope this helps.