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Is Latin Coming Back?


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Judging by the number of stories written about it recently, it would seem Latin is enjoying a renaissance.

The New York Times, the Economist and Maclean’s have all written about Latin.

Finnish radio broadcasts in Latin. Google translates into Latin. And the Wikipedia Latin page has nearly 100,000 entries.


  1. I was forced to suffer purgatory at my Grammar School in England in the 1960’s. Amo Amas >>>>> In the end I received 1 percent in my 1st year end exam (for writing my name correctly on the paper) I was then banned from learning German as a second language. Why my Latin Master did not explain to me that Latin was in fact not quite dead as a language I don’t know.

    As to being banned from learning German I eventually lived in Allgaeu,South Germany and in two years became a fluent German speaker

    Still not worked out why I was banned from languages at Nunthorpe Grammar School.

  2. latin is a language that is my opinion will never be 100% dead, there are various indication that have led me to believe this. Many languages including English derived from Latin and in some medicine courses students are obligated to learn a little bit of Latin.