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Kelly King: I Don’t Wanna Sing That Song


Kelly King is a young American singer with a new album called Live
the Dream
. “I Don’t Wanna Sing That Song” is a song on that new album.

You can read the words to the song below.

Sunshine trying to dry up these crying eyes

Trying to ruin my rainy day

And outside it’s a picture perfect blue sky

Mother nature’s singing in

The world’s in perfect harmony but


I don’t wanna sing that song

And I don’t wanna hear those words

I just wanna carry on and cry for all I’m worth

I don’t feel alright

All I wanna do is hurt tonight

I could find a melody to help me move on

But I don’t wanna sing that song

I could smile

Could probably turn it on a dime

But I’d rather heal in my own time

And I could

Pull some vinyl

Spin myself a happy groove

I know that perfect tune but

It feels a little to soon

Repeat Chorus

I just need to clear my head

And make peace with this pain

Before I move on and let it go

Then I’ll get out of bed

Come out from behind these shades

Might even turn on my radio

Right now …

Repeat chorus

Don’t want the sunshine

Don’t want the blue skies