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Language Tip: Future Progressive (Continuous) Tense


The future progressive tense is created: be (in future) + verb with ing.

Positive sentence:
The train will be arriving soon.
She will be cooking dinner when her husband comes home.

Negative sentence:
We will not (won’t) be giving a performance in Chicago.
I will not (won’t) be eating dinner when my favorite program is on television.

What will she be doing at 10 a.m. tomorrow?
Will you be waiting for Sarah at the station when her train arrives?


• to express an action which will happen in a certain moment in the future.

By this time tomorrow I will be flying to Moscow.

• sometimes the future progressive tense may have a “softening” effect in comparison with future tense.

I will write this letter tomorrow.
I will be writing this letter tomorrow.

• in certain contexts the future progressive tense may be more polite in comparison with future tense.

Will you write it tomorrow?
Will you be writing it tomorrow?

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