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Language Tip: Ing Form (Gerund)


image grammarA verb + ing is  frequently used in English. The learner needs to recognize whether verb + ing functions as this form or as a part of the progressive tense.

She likes listening to music.
He likes flying model airplanes.
We are thinking of buying a family house.
Thank you for coming.
She has to go shopping.
We will go skiing.
Keep on doing that.
Would you mind my smoking here?

We use this form after the following verbs start, stop, begin, like, finish, keep (on), go and in the following construction:

to be afraid of
to be good at
to be interested in
to look forward to
to succeed in
to think of
to thank for

The construction be + used to + verb with ing means that we have no problems with something.

I am used to getting up early. (There is no problem for me to get up early.)
They are not used to working hard. (It causes them problems when they work hard.)

having + past participle (the third form of a verb) describes an action which took place before another one.

Having finished their work, they left for home. (They left for home after they finished their work.)
Having said that, I left the class. (I left the class after I said that.)

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