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Language Tip: Other Forms Expressing Future


We can express the future by the following forms, too.image grammar

1. be (in the present tense) going to + verb

This form is used to describe the near future, the intention is based on known facts.

It is (It’s) going to snow today.
Mandy is not (isn’t) going to play with us.
Are they going to help us?

the verbs “go” and “come” are not usually used with this form.
always determine whether it is this form or progressive tense of the verb go.

I am going there.
I am going to play tennis this afternoon.

2. The present progressive can be used to describe the near future. In this case we usually use a time term: tomorrow, at five, etc.

The guests are leaving this evening.
I am talking to him tomorrow.

3. Forms: be (in the present tense) about to + verb, on the point of + verb with ing.

They are about to start.
We are on the point of leaving.

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