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Language Tip: Prepositions, Conjunctions


PREPOSITIONSimage grammar

alwaysonwith days and dates

They will come on Monday.
The English exams will be held on January 15.

alwaysatwith time reference

I will be there at 5 o’clock.
They brought it at 6 a.m.

– “inwhen we wish to say something will be done in some time

We will deliver the package in two hours.

– “toin a reference to place

We go to school.
I travel to Boston very often.

Other use of prepositions:

in the following expressions
in the evening, in the morning

They will (They’ll) come in the evening.
I will (I’ll) do the shopping in the morning.

in front of (place reference)
before (time reference)
ago (with the past tense and always after time term)

The bus stop is in front of their house.
We will have a meeting before lunch.
I was in Canada 10 years ago.


– “thatas a conjunction is often omitted in English,but”, “because”, “because of”.

I think (that) we will win.
I couldn’t write the essay because of my illness.
They had to go home because it was getting dark.
Sorry, I could not send the email yesterday, but I will do it now.

If a subject is the same: so as to, in order to, so as not to, in order not to. If a subject is not the same: so that, in order that.

I came early in order not to miss anything.
I will speak slowly so that you can understand.

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