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Legendary Train Hauled Into Workshop


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The Sir Nigel Gresley

Steam engine enthusiasts will be able to watch the extensive overhaul of a famous locomotive, the Sir Nigel Gresley, from the viewing balcony of the National Railway Museum in York, England.

Built for the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) in 1937, it was the 100th Gresley Pacific produced at the Doncaster Railway Works, commonly referred to, in England, as “the Plant”.

This magnificent Pacific class 4-6-2 locomotive is owned by the Sir Nigel Gresley Trust. (4-6-2 stands for four leading wheels, six driving wheels and two trailing wheels.)

It will be three years before the refit is completed; only then will the fire box be relit to steam up this iconic engine again.

workshop: a room in which things are made or repaired.
workshop in other langauges

overhaul: to examine and repair something.
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