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James Hunter: The Hard Way


hardway052108James Hunter is a British R’n’B and Soul musician.
This song is from his album The Hard Way . You can listen to his interview with Simple English News here.
We have the music and words to the title song from his new album below.

Please press the Play button to listen to it. You will need the Windows Media Player to hear it. Be patient. It may take a few seconds for the music to play.

You had to learn the hard way
What everybody kno
Y’know I hate to be the one
To say I told you so
You took the hard way
the hard way

The hardest way to go

Don’t forget I said it
Please take this tip from me
‘Cause I see where you’re headed
And that way lies misery
You took the hard way
the hard way
If only you could see.

Life could be so easy
And trouble was never too hard to find
It’ll find you in time
Life could be so easy
It don’t hafta be a losing game
Any fool will tell you the same

Advice is hard to swallow
From anybody else
But mine won’t ring so hollow
‘Cause I been there myself
I took the hard way
the hard way
So I wish you well.