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Mandula, the Miraculous Cat


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Mandula and her kittens
Mandula and her kittens

Today in our pet section, Csilla from Hungary tells us about how she found her cat.

I first saw Mandula last summer along a busy road. She was begging people for food.

The poor cat was all skin and bones at that time. She was starving.

Mandula was also pregnant. Thus, I decided to look after her immediately.

Two weeks after I brought her into my home, Mandula gave birth to six beautiful and playful kittens.

Those kittens have grown up and are living in different homes.

And, Mandula – whose name means “almond” in Hungarian — is now a happy cat who likes to watch television with me every evening.


miraculous: extraordinary.
skin and bones: extremely thin.
starving: very hungry.
playful: full of fun.


  1. Madula was so lucky to meet her newborn mother, Csilla.Thanks to Csilla’s kindness,6 other beatiful kittens came to the world to offer so mmuch happiness to different families.
    I’m awaiting to make many new friends from this section.2nd Middle School of Huanghua City,Hebei province,PR China.Thanks a lot.

  2. In my opnion the woman did a great job, lots of other people would not take care of her even though she is pregnant of six kittens. Mandula was a great mother and now has his reward with a home and an owner who loves her.

  3. In my opinion the woman who welcomed Mandula is a great person. Because there are many bad people is this world that does not care about animals,Mandula was a warrior who despite continued fighting with hunger through life until a person finds taht iluminate your she is a health cat and loved by its owner!!