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Men Can Be As Talkative As Women


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It is often thought that women speak more than men.

However, a new study at the University of Arizona contradicts that belief.

The conversations of 400 students were recorded. The results showed that the women in the study spoke an average of 16,215 words a day, whereas the men spoke a daily average of 15,669 words.

The amount a person speaks does not depend on a person’s sex, according to the study. Rather, it depends on whether the person is an introvert or an extrovert.

Source: National Public Radio


to contradict: to show the opposite of something.
introvert: a shy person.
extrovert: a talkative person.


  1. To tell you the truth, I’m totally agree it. I’m a boy and I’m always talking a lot when in class. I don’t care whether there’s one girl student hearing my complain about those damn difficult math problems ^_*

  2. A talkative man is easily got attention of others,especially the opposite sex,by which most men got other women’s love.I think men are better at speaking sugared words than women when necessary.