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Monks Sell Bread and Cakes Online


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The monks at the Abbey of the Genesee in the American state of New York do not watch television or listen to the radio.

However, they engage in one activity that is very modern: they sell things over the Internet.

The monks at the monastery have been baking breads and cakes for 50 years.

Now, instead of buying their goods at local supermarkets, customers can place orders over the Internet.

The monks hope to sell thousands of cakes and loaves of bread each week.


monk: a member of a male religious community who does not own anything and is not married.


  1. Most of the monks in temples or monasteries around the world devote their lives to their religious beliefs.They usually live a simple life without any desire as ordinary people.Along with the development of the society,some of them are gradually changing a little bit.The monks who sell breads and cakes are examples.I’m a religious Christian,and I support them.

  2. There is a Benedictine monastery in a nearby village of our town. And I know that the monks living there are involved in activities as raising domestic animals and farming – which is good, too.