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Muscular Atrophy Is No Barrier for Michal Skombar When Writing Books


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Michal Skombar
Michal Skombar

Michal Skombar is a young man and science fiction books author.

He has been on a lung ventilator for the past ten years, due to his illness.

Despite this he writes books and enjoys his life.

He says: “When I was young I missed playing football, the sport I really love, but now I am writing books and I love this even more than football.

As for my life I find it quite ordinary, just as anyone’s else. I finished high school and I have always tried to live my life to the fullest“.

Health is important but even if my health was better and there would be no God and friends here with me, it would just be an empty life”, he adds.

The Second Chance – a science fiction story with elements of autobiography was his first book. He has just published a follow up named “True Face”. His third book “Line Between Two Worlds” will be published in August.

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lung (lungs): each of the pair of respiratory organs (adj. related to this organ).
lung in other languages

to live life to the fullest: to fully enjoy life.

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