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Preserving and Pickling Fruit and Vegetables for Winter


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The European summer holiday season is especially enjoyed by relaxing at the seaside, lakeshore or open-air spas, enjoying one’s favourite activities or simply having a few days off work.

Despite the domination of supermarkets for shopping staples, not all family habits and customs have been abandoned or forgotten.

In Central Europe, many families still preserve home-grown fruit, herbs and vegetables. There is nothing nicer, in the depth of a bitter winter, than opening up a jar of preserves or pickles, knowing that they were from your own garden.

So from the middle of August until October, cellars, cool pantries and parlours are filled with preserved berries, apricots, peaches, apples, plums, pears, onions, beetroot, home- made ketchup, pickled cucumber, dried herbs and mushrooms.


pickle: (of vegetables or sometimes meat) to preserve especially in vinegar or salt water.
preserve: (of food, fruit, vegetables) to conserve.

Read by John Edwin Skelton.

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  1. I do not think there is a family in Slovakia without “preserving and pickling” experience. Though times are changing and lots of families would prefer going to large local supermarkets to buy preserves these days.

    On the other hand one of the biggest hobbies in our country is still gardening. I mean planting and growing vegetables either in your home gardens or in larger gardens complexes with allocated lots.