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Robin Hood – A Great Legend or Mythology?


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Robin Hood, a noble skilled in archery and swordsmanship, became an outlaw in the time of King Richard the Lionheart.

He hid in Sherwood Forest with his Merry Men, a band of outlaws and a girlfriend Maid Marion.

Traditionally dressed in Lincoln green this rogue group of outlaws would ambush and rob the rich, then give most of the loot to the poor people, who were heavily ‘ tithed ‘ or taxed to pay for the war being conducted by King Richard in far away Jerusalem.

Robin, despite the many devious plots of the Sheriff of Nottingham, always avoided capture.

He was finally given a full pardon by King Richard when the King returned from the Crusades.


archery: shooting arrows.
archery in other languages

swordsmanship: using swords.
swordsmanship in other languages

to tithe: to demand the tenth part usually of agricultural produce for the support of the kingdom or the like.
tithe in other languages

pardon: the act of forgiving someone.
pardon in other languages

Read by John Edwin Skelton.

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