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Sean Faris in ‘Never Back Down’


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“I am very excited about my new film,” the actor Sean Faris told Simple English News this week.

Faris, who is the star of “Never Back Down”, plays Jake Tyler, a new boy at a new school.

Shortly after he arrives, Jake loses a fight with a bully at the school.

In order to protect himself, he learns and becomes skilful in Mixed Martial Arts (or MMA), a form of self-defense.

By learning MMA, Jake also gains a better understanding of who he is as a person.


bully: a person who is cruel to smaller or weaker people.


  1. MMA(Mixed Martial Arts)is also called kongfu recently,which became more and more popular among the young people around th world.I began learning Taiji and other martial arts some twenty years ago.I practice them every day,which has given me better health.