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Skype for Long Distance


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More than 400 million people are now using Skype to speak to other people over the Internet.

For example, a person in Mexico can speak to a person in South Africa for free if both of them have downloaded the Skype program.

Of course, a person also needs a computer and a microphone for Skype to work.

Recently, Skype has introduced a new plan for people to call from a computer to a normal telephone for a small fee.

That is to say, if someone you know does not use Skype, you can still call him or her from Skype if he or she
uses a landline or mobile phone.


to download: to transfer a file from one computer to another.
landline: a traditional telephone, i.e., not a mobile.


  1. Really, very nice and helpful for using it with my students. I think it’s another way to help them to improve their listening. Thanks so much for your colaboration.