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Smoking Could Kill 1 Billion People This Century


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There is more bad news out today about the harmful effects of smoking.

The World Health Organization estimates that one billion people could die from illnesses related to smoking this century.

More than half of smoking deaths take place in poor countries.

The number of people smoking is rising in many poor countries, especially among teenagers, the WHO said.


  1. A great many people enjoy smoking mainly because they’re addicted to it.And many people can easily get into the habit of smoking.Most of the smokers are addicted to it after they get the first experience of smoking. I used to smoking some 30 years ago.Luckily I had given it up 2 years later because I found it a dirty habit.Smoking can make the environment steadily polluted,especially it make all kinds of things bad smell,including clothes,rooms,inside of cars,etc.

  2. I think people who are smoking were unaware the harmful effects of cigarette when they started smoking probably due to ignorant of young age. By the time they realized smoking is bad, they will have already become addicted to it.
    It seems we human being is destined to get entangled with all kinds of issues which are difficult to solve.