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Snoring and the Heart


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There is bad news today for snorers.

A team of Hungarian scientists has discovered that there is a
connection between loud snoring and heart disease.

Heavy snorers were found to have a greater risk of suffering heart
attacks and strokes than the rest of the population.

Source: Science Daily


  1. This news is bad for me ,because I am one of the snorers,then I requsets the Hungarian scientists to find the solutions of that snorers or the drugs that cures the snorers.

  2. I trust that sicentist have made an impresssion on all snores.But there is other things can be cause snoring

  3. Not only the snorer to have risk of suffering heart attacks but also the one who sleeps beside….so stress because unable to sleep well.

  4. I don´t know if I´m a heavy snorer but I do know snoring is quite related to breathing affairs. So, it could probably affect heart funtion wehn you are not able to breathe correctly.

  5. I really don´t know if I am a snorer. I think my wife is quite polite for not revealing this problem to myself. But I think everyone snores a little when he/she is sleeping.