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Students Create School Newspaper to Practice English


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Kaplan’s English School in Portland, Oregon is located in the center of the city
Students at Kaplan International Colleges’ language school in Portland, Oregon are improving their English skills by running their very own newspaper.

The Kaplan Times was launched as a way for students to practice their English learning through the writing of articles.

What started as an idea for a lesson plan at Kaplan’s English language school became so popular that it was expanded into a monthly four-page newspaper featuring restaurant reviews, stories about Portland events and advice for new students.

Anyone can participate in The Kaplan Times and contributors are encouraged to write about anything they are interested in. The Times published a recent “literature edition”, which was full of student fiction.

Kaplan Portland, which expanded earlier this year, offers a range of courses, from Vacation and General English courses to more specialized academic programs that are designed to allow students to structure their ideal learning holiday in the USA.


to launch: to start.

contributor: a person who writes an article for a newspaper.

to structure: to form.