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Surprising Results About Text Speak Found in New Survey of English Learners


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Research by Kaplan International Colleges revealed that 63% of surveyed English learners thought that their English grammar or spelling was no worse due to using text speak, such as LOL and YOLO.

This claim came despite 5% of those surveyed stating that they use text speak when writing essays and 3% asserting that they use it during exams.

The survey also discovered that 71% use text speak when texting on phones, 64% use it online and 14% actually use it while speaking out loud.

You can see more results of the survey in Kaplan’s English for Teenagers Infographic.

LOL and THX were the most used text speak acronyms by English learners.

-66% use LOL and THX
-63% use OMG
26% use 2MORO
21% use GR8
-12% use YOLO

77% use text speak because:

“It is faster than writing full words.”
15% use text speak because: “Everybody else does it.”
3% use text speak because: “My parents cannot read it.”

English for teenagersEnglish for Teenagers Kaplan infographic