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Each task is accompanied by an explanation written in a simple way to help you understand or review the English language. Fill in the test and find out your level of this topic.

Adjectives, My, Your, His, Her, Its, Our, Their, Mine, Yours, His, Hers, Ours, Theirs

1. It is a ___wallet.

2. Our old classmate John Smith has recently become a ___ farmer.

3. Is this garden ___?  

4. It is ___ film I have ever seen.

5. These students are  ___ ones in our school.

6. He is not ___ me.

7. We are ___ other students.

8. Fake friends are ___ than open enemies.

9. Mr Baker is ___ important person in our company and he acts like our boss.

10. I really like ___ new evening dress. And what do you think of ____?

11. This is ___ latest model. What is ___ speed?

12. Charles is going to get married in June. ___ fiancee comes from Japan.

13. ___ chidlren have disowned her.

14. Josh likes them. He is a good friend of ___.

15. Did they wash ___ faces?

16. That's ___ problem, not ___.

17. Your books are on the shelf and ___ are on the desk.

18. Are they friends of ___?

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