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Each task is accompanied by an explanation written in a simple way to help you understand or review the English language. Fill in the test and find out your level of this topic.

Many, Much, A lot of, Few, A few, Little, A little, Less, More, A great deal of, A good many

1. I've been very busy recently. I don't have ___ free time.

2. Music stars usually do not have ___ real friends. They live a lonely life.

3. How ___ cars has Justin Bieber got?

4. We don't know how ___ snow there is in front of the parking garage entrance.

5. Each year they get ___ new clients.

6. Tom has got ___ ideas on how to get the young involved in after-school activities.

7. I am sorry but I cannot visit you today. I have ___ to do.

8. There are ___ chairs for everyone to sit.

9. ___ people in Asia are interested in ice hockey.

10. I think my English is quite good. Anyway, there were ___ words in the text which I didn't understand.

11. ___ kids take part in sports activities every year. How to get them involved in physical activities is not an easy question to answer.

12. You should spend ___ time playing computer games and ___ time learning your school subjects.

13. I have ___ money. I won't lend you any.

14. Can you please give me ___ water?

15. She started her hair company only two years ago and she has already made ___ money.

16. I know ___ politicians who don't keep their promises.

17. Did your new leather jacket cost ___ than 200$? Yes, it was on sale.

18. They certainly have ___ credit cards, but I am sure they don't have ___ money.

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