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Test & Learn: Some, Any, No, None, Every

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Each task is accompanied by an explanation written in a simple way to help you understand or review the English language. Fill in the test and find out your level of this topic.

Some, Any, No, None, Every

1. I won’t be able to do it by myself. I will need ___ help.

2. Would you like ___ water? Yes, I am thirsty.

3. You can take ___ crayons you wish.

4. I am sorry but I can’t pay. I haven’t got ___ money on me.

5. Did they plant ___ aster flowers in your garden?

6. Unfortunatelly, there were __ extra chairs to use. Those who came late had to stand.

7. Suzane asked her parents for money again. But they had ___. So she decided to get a loan.

8. ___ seat on the bus was taken. We had to travel by train.

9. ___ my children wanted to do sports activities.

10. Where are our children? They are ___ in the playground.

11. ___ can cross this line without permission . It is a restricted area.

12. Did you hear ___ interesting at the meeting?

13. ___ should go to the shop. We’ve got ___ butter at home.

14. Would you like ___ cheese? No, I don't want ___.

15. There is ___ to celebrate ___ day. For example, in Europe each day is somebody’s name day.

16. Have ___ spare parts arrived? Yes, ___ arrived in the morning.

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