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Test & Learn: A, An, The, Zero Article

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Each task is accompanied by an explanation written in a simple way to help you understand or review the English language. Fill in the test and find out your level of this topic.

A, An, The, Zero Article

    1. His father is ___ bus driver and her parents are ___ teachers.

    2. I found ___ wallet in the shop yesterday. Were there any credit cards in ___ wallet?

    3. ___ are our best friends.

    4. Will they come in ___ morning or at ___ night.

    5. Do you know ___ Taylors? They live near the new school.

    6. We've got ___ hour to catch the bus.

    7. We have our piano lessons for beginners on ___ Fridays.

    8. Peter had to buy ___ cheapest car because his company is not doing well.

    9. This is ___ unique opportunity for you to take.

    10. Does ___ Moon Orbit ___ Sun?

    11. Where is ___ money which I gave you last month?

    12. He can't go to school today, he has ___ sore throat.

    13. What's on ___ TV tomorrow?

    14. What do you usually eat for ___ breakfast?

    15. The Government must help ___ unemployed.

      16. I go to my work by ___ car.

      17. My brother plays ___ guitar.

      18. What ___ surprise? I didn't expect to meet you in the 'Big Apple'.

      19. How about going to ___ theatre?

      20. They live in ___ Bakery street.

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