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The Longest English Word


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Although some languages have longer words, English does have a number of words which use a lot of letters.

The longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary is a 45-letter word for a lung disease: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

The longest one-syllable English words are nine letters long: scratched, stretched, scrounged, scrunched and strengths.


to scrounge: to get something which is needed. He scrounged money for lunch.
to scrunch to crush, to squeeze together.


  1. please send me more information about logest speling with vovel,any other logest speling in the world.

  2. rhythm is the longest word without vovel.
    uncopyrightable is longest word whih can be spelled without repeating any of its letters.
    typewriter word can be written by only upper line in english keyboard