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Traditional Christmas Dinners


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Each country has its own Christmas dinner tradition. Here are a few selections.

Russia celebrates Christmas on January 7. No table can be without a stuffed pig’s head, roast pork meat jointsjelly and aspic.

The Japanese prepare a snow white sponge cake with ruby red strawberries decorating this Christmas speciality.

In India people cook a wide variety of meals including Biryani with chicken or lamb.

The French Christmas dinner is called ‘ le reveillon ‘. It’s a long extravagant culinary party with goose and turkey as the traditional main dishes. Most of the French Christmas family budget is invested in this meal.

Traditionally in the UK, to end the family meal, a Christmas pudding is carried to the table, covered with a flickering flaming white brandy sauce.

Christmas Eve in Spain is called Nochebuena. Truffle stuffed turkey is the main dish, often preceded by a fish soup.

Whatever is served on your Christmas table this year
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