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Will Our Cars Fly in the Near Future?


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Is it just science fiction or true reality that we will soon use cars that will also be able to fly?

A Slovakian company called Aeromobil introduced a prototype of its flying car at the October 2014 Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

Powered by a standard petrol engine the Aeromobil 3.0 can be used on the road just like any other car.

But this car is special. The “Flying Roadster” can metamorphose itself quickly into a plane which can take off and land at any airport or use just a few hundred metres long grass strip as a runway.

The bodyshell, wings and wheels of the prototype are predominantly built using advanced composite materials.



to metamorphose: to transform.
metamorphose in other languages

to take off: (of a plane or bird) the moment of leaving the ground and beginning to fly.
take off in other languages

to land: (of a plane or bird) to come down from the air.
land in other languages

Read by John Edwin Skelton.